A perfect union of love scents!



As I dab a bit of my favorite essential oils on, the aroma transports me into another space. I am lost in my fantasy of what my perfect world would be like.      My dream is one of laughter, fun, warmth, and relaxation in places where there is no time.   Lost among thoughts of no meaning, just careless impromptu’s of a life meant by desire and need.     The perfect union of mixed oils intertwined, allowing our own thoughts to decide which place the aroma will take us too.

As I evoke my power from within, I begin to create a lovely combination of Geranium, Clary Sage and Lavender.     These are three wonderful scents that when united, they extract monumental healing!

Clary Sage is known for its captivating spirit, it is for the physical and psychological aspects of our lives.    It promotes contentment in a loving heart.     It teaches us that most of our problems exist in our own minds, and that everything can be restored and resolved eventually.    It’s aroma is nutty, warm, light, musky and herbaceous.

Geranium we all know, is that timeless flower that our Grandmothers grew, and then our Mother’s and eventually into our own gardens as we grew.    It cultivates and strengthens the goddess within us, wanting us to acknowledge all aspects of our pure and raw self. Allowing energy to disperse and transform.      It is the motherly nurturing that this scent radiates from, encouraging a marriage of adjustment, balance, tranquility and steadiness. And like our Mothers, it soothes and shields us. Its aroma is sweet, soft and like a flowering rose.   If you know anything about geraniums, they come in many sizes with a fragrant all their own.

Lavender is also nurturing, something we treasure and need for our growth.   When we are down its scent lifts our spirits, removing the heaviness that lies dormant in the space we give it too.   It seeks our best, something we need to exist at, to truly find our success.   It is fresh and floral.    It is a gentle comfort that works to instill our emotional balance again. Resting in a lovely bath you can find security, vitality and clarity to your thoughts.

My dream is one of escape, one that I hope in this lifetime will become a reality.   I find comfort in knowing that dreams do exist, but the most important part of finding that dream is sorting our own emotions out first.    Working at being the best we can be, while discovering sides of ourselves that we may not have noticed before.    Engaging in new conversation with who we are, developing a line of positive affirmation that stimulates a new love within.


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