My Approach, Process and Promise.

I am Trish Scoular, a Registered Professional Counselor who specializes in Anxiety & Depression, since 2014. I develop a treatment plan that includes appropriate interventions and techniques that specifically address depression and for each of the anxiety disorders. It’s important to understand the root of anxiety and depression so we can treat it accordingly with proper medical necessity and appropriate treatment.

My goal when working with clients is to help them find a clear path to reducing symptoms and function better on a day-to-day basis. We work together to address the many conditions that coexist with anxiety and depression, while developing a plan of action that meets the goals we establish together.

My other training is in abuse, domestic violence, youth, family, community based counselling, addictions & recovery and couples (I am currently learning the Gottman method). I also work with clients who need transitional Life Coaching, which is focussed on helping you achieve your goals and dreams.

Other services I offer:

Workshops, Retreats, Online Webinars, Keynote Speaker & Author

My Mission is to leave people feeling SAFE in everything I do.

My Promise to each of my clients and what they need most is:


Clarity is getting clear on the internal triggers and patterns of behaviour

Knowledge when it comes to treatment plans and techniques that have been proven to work when it comes to anxiety & depression.

Commitment in showing up and working through the internal process of breaking those patterns and getting to the root cause.

I am a member in good standing with the Canadian Professional Counselor’s Association #3517. We are competency based which includes education, experience and skills. We are also a member of FACT BC which will become our College of Counselling Therapy in BC once it is approved by Government.

** Due to COVID-19, all sessions will be held by Zoom or Telephone, I am a Professionally Trained Telehealth Counselor who is PIPA and HIPPA Compliant.

** Coverage is provided under Empire Life Insurance and Greenshield