Trish Scoular, RPC

Empathy and Listening have always been skills that have come naturally to me since I was a child. I would actively listen to those I interacted with including friends and family, gathering necessary details that helped me develop meaningful relationships throughout my life. I have often been called a Highly Sensitive Person.

I have been a Registered Professional Counsellor since 2011 following a career as a Long Term Care Aide for 26 years, a Licensed Hairdresser, former Broadcaster on Radio & TV, I was thoughtful in research, details and care. It was important for me to take the time to meet the needs of clients and guests, making sure their experience was the best I could give knowing how much it would mean to me as well, often putting myself in their shoes so I could understand their feelings on a much deeper level.

The past 26 years of working in Health Care made me realize that I needed more so I could create positive interactions between myself, the families and the other nursing supports that were in place.

I became a strong Advocate for those who needed an added voice, working together to make sure that the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual needs were met, allowing them quality of life.

I was a Long Term Care Aide to clients who were high risk in psychiatry, palliative care, dementia/Alzheimer’s, had mobility issues, were in home care, acute care, emergency care, critical care and transporting stable patients by ambulance. I took care of our patients activities of daily living, medications and other details that were necessary to meeting clients needs from a detailed care plan. I often went the extra mile in making sure they were well cared for, thinking of how I would want to be looked after when I got to be their age or possibly in a situation where my health might change.

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