Guiding Hearts Blog

The purpose of this blog is to engage with people who are looking for ways to improve their mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health. It’s intended to provide insight into becoming more cognizant and aware, providing outcomes to life’s trials and tribulations, while learning to celebrate all the successes we often don’t realize are. Learning to love ourselves in ways we may not have envisioned, eventually falling in love with ourself. It’s not being selfish by putting you first, in fact it is imperative we do; because a cup that is half full is not able to give their best or help other people.

Loving Self is a choice! It’s when you no longer choose to look at yourself from beliefs that made you feel worthless, that created abandonment issues, caused you to lack self-worth, self-love and self-compassion. You can’t surrender from it and let it go, until you first understand it’s origin. A genogram is a helpful tool on looking back at your family history and how patterns developed overtime. It also addresses illnesses, addictions, mental and physical health conditions, communication styles, coping mechanisms and so much more starts to be revealed. This is when awareness happens, that will often reveal shame, anger, fear, shock, anxiety, depression.