My NEW Book on Amazon


I am writing to let you know that I am now a Best Selling Author on Amazon, and excited to share with you my book “Steps to Loving You, Creating Positive Changes”.     Steps to Loving You, is about a journey we are meant to take towards loving self.    If we don’t take the time to resolve our issues, we will remain stuck and repeat the same patterns while falling short of our dreams.

This book is designed to help women and girls that may have been bullied, have no voice, show a lack of confidence, low self-esteem, feel abandoned, homeless, frustrated, angry and bitter.    It is also for those who need to learn to love themselves first, because without focussing on self, we can never have the fulfilling and healthy relationships we all deserve.

I will be posting different blogs in the coming months pertaining to some of the content in my book, which is actually a counselling workbook.    At the end of each chapter there are questions you can answer, that will begin your journey of hope.   One that leaves you fulfilled and wanting more of what you need.

It will help you recognize patterns, give you tools to make changes, discover your gifts/talents, getting to the root of your beliefs, define who you are, create boundaries that work, understand communication styles, find positive outcomes to difficult relationships, loving self/care/respect of self and others, discover your voice, build healthy relationships, overcome codependency, define what makes you unique and the chance for a free strategy call with myself.

The link is Steps to Loving You, Creating Positive Changes.     I worked hard on this book, that has taken me over a year to complete.    If you order a copy of my book, please leave a review!


OFFER for Online Followers

I am pleased to offer you a coupon to a course called Arts Therapy:  Greater Understanding of the “Self”, presented by Libby Seery of Renaissance Life Therapies.    I am a featured artist in this course, as a result of taking several of her online classes through Udemy.   Fun and informative, offering me the professional development hours I need, to stay in good standing with my Counselling Association.     They also teach me something about myself, an ongoing journey we must all take.

By clicking on this link Coupon for Arts Therapy: Greater Understanding of the “Self” you will be able to access the course at a discounted rate.     I think you will enjoy participating in it.    We ask that once you are finished the course, you leave a review within 24-48 hours.    These reviews help for future endeavors and are extremely important they get done.      We appreciate your support in this, and I hope you enjoy learning.

Blessings Trish!