Personal Empowerment Coaching

Hiring me as your Personal Empowerment Coach is your first step towards an understanding and acceptance of self. Most clients know they have a problem! As your Coach I can help you see how your self-sabotaging thoughts or talk is limiting your beliefs about yourself, which I can help you stop. Some of these barriers include phrases such as:

  • “I have been made to feel I am not worthy or deserving of real love”
  • “My parents were not positive or supportive while I was growing up”
  • “I have not received healthy love from others”
  • “I was abused physically/mentally and made to feel it was always my fault”
  • “I have not received healthy love from others”
  • “I am unable to practice self-love because I feel guilty/proud/selfish”

It is these barriers and more that limit us in our personal and professional growth often leaving us to feel stuck. I can help you:

  • Thrive in health and wealth
  • Stop limiting thoughts and behaviours
  • Shift negative mental blocks related to money and prosperity
  • Let go of unreal expectations from self and others
  • Enable you to understand your own potential, embracing a new life purpose
  • Teach you how to live your life with harmony while discovering balance in all areas

Working together we will focus on:

  • Identifying limiting self beliefs and how to overcome them
  • Develop new affirmative beliefs and positive self regard
  • Learn how to stay focussed on one’s personal and professional life goals
  • Learn to be accountable for your life‘s decisions
  • Understand the tools, accept guidance and structure to help you achieve these goals

It will teach you how to love yourself from the inside out, by believing in yourself which creates better self-esteem and improved confidence. Together we will address your emotions, personal values, strengths, weaknesses, goals, boundaries, self-sabotaging behaviours, improving self confidence and esteem plus more.

These sessions will be by zoom for 60 minutes once a week for 8 weeks and will provide weekly unlimited engagement via email or text. There will be exercises given that will guide you in taking control of your life, providing you with a plan to get you uncluttered and unstuck. Rate for 8 sessions is $997.00. Whoever enrols today will get a copy of my book “Steps to Loving You, Creating Positive Changes” and a deck of my “Loving Self Affirmation Cards”, which includes a Rose Quartz representing the heart and healing.

**Currently I am offering this 8 week Coaching Package for a COVID rate of $697.00

**I have taken Life Coaching Courses and my book is about my own Journey towards Loving Self. Currently in North America there are no regulations for Coaching, yet I am working towards getting Certified. I have a Diploma in Applied Psychology and Counselling and am a member in good standing through the Canadian Professional Counsellor’s Association