Resources and Books I have Written

I have some amazing resources that you may want to take a look at and can order direct from Amazon. Some books are available with my courses.

My first book I wrote based on a Course I offer for Women or Girls called ”Loving Self Creates Positive Changes” and “Dancing the Wheel of Life”
I am a co-author in this book writing about Anxiety and offering some tips, telling my own story and how Anxiety impacted my life.

My Poetry Book – I’ve been writing poems since I was a kid and always very private about my thoughts. I have read a few aloud at a Poetry Reading in Ladysmith 2017.

Here is my Author Page on Amazon

Contributor to this book on Amazon where all proceeds go toward Breast Cancer Research. Thank you Julie Fairhurst for this opportunity to be involved!

I received an email from these organization’s asking if I would post these links on my website, they liked the content here. As a former Continuing Care Assistant I was familiar with the diagnosis of Mesothelioma from a client I had taken care of. If you or someone you know is experiencing symptoms or want more information this is a great resource.

This organization approached me and asked if I would post these resources on my website as they felt it was relevant to the content I offered here. This is a guide that they have put lots of value in that outlines the major health issues women face. It includes the common treatment for those conditions, potential causes of these conditions, and the risks that certain drugs/products pose to women. The guide is called Women’s Health Issues and Dangers you can access the link by pressing on here

This company approached me asking if I would support them in posting these links:

This company approached me asking if I would support them in posting these links