A Guide to the Heart of What Matter’s

Journalling has long been a passion of mine, a book with lock and key that kept my thoughts away from public knowledge. I was always a very private person about my thoughts and feelings, afraid of saying how I felt and the impact that could have not only the person I was writing about, but also their family, friends and community. The anxiety and worry always kept under disguise and the embarrassment of being exposed!

I am not sure if you’ve also felt this way, yet I sense I am not alone in my thinking. A filter that harbours mixed emotions, thoughts and some denials. How good it might be to just blurt it out, yet the repercussions it might bring. I mean how would you feel if someone said some things to you that hurt and talked about you behind your back? Perhaps the truth might be the antidote to discovering what lies behind the eyes and stirs within our soul.

This guide will help to dig deeper to the core of so many stories we harbour. It will provide insight and solutions to creating better communication styles, effective coping strategies, replacing negative self-talk with positive and exploring the emotions that surround them like shame, anger and fear.

Hi, I’m Trish. Previously a Continuing Care Assistant for 26 years, I became a Counsellor in 2014. I spend most of the time with my dog Lily, family and friends on the West Coast of British Columbia.