I Can’t Always Hold Your Hand

I can’t always hold your hand,
I hope you will understand.
How choices turn into regrets,
Shame that festers in pain!
Judge and too, will have fingers pointing at you.
Remember that it’s never too late.
Too realize what could be your fate.
We have the potential to arise.
Be creative and speak wisely,
When it’s from the heart, it soon multiplies.
Keep your faith and be strong,
The battle is us, and trying to blame other people.
Think before you do,
Before you cast that stone too!

Life is full of gifts,
Use only those; to you they’ve been given.
Take some time to realize,
What they are and utilize.
Is it your favorite quote or a lovely painting?
Or a scientific mind, that’s calculating?
We are beginning to see,
What we have are free,
Freedom to decide, the path we choose could lead to goodbyes.

Look to the Heavens above, find in it some Love.
That’s what our world needs.
Be a part of the solution, and see.
Change it does occur,
When we start with ourselves we are sure.
What we sow, we shall reap.
It doesn’t harvest with guilt or defeat.
Life is complicated enough!
Joy it will fill you up,
When you let go of that bitterness you hold.
Its river will flow and give a tremendous glow.

It can heal your heart,
Echo peace through your veins.
And a brain with clear thought.
Think about the words that you speak,
May they be wise and not lies?
Don’t keep secrets that harm lives.

Daydream and escape,
Down a beautiful garden path,
and an alpine mountain meadow.
A cool breeze gently glides the eagle as it hovers,
Keeping a keen eye, it’s watching from the sky.
As you climb above, and the wildlife take cover.
Those you will see at a glimpse, from peaks on the ridge.
The other wild beasts, move softly around
and with the lightest of feet.
How simple life would be,
To learn from the animals we truly would be.

Copyright by Patricia Scoular on 2-9-2015 Ladysmith BC